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The purpose of this community is to coordinate activities around the Mirth® Connect user community and to make general announcements.  For details on the organization of the Mirth® Connect User Group and to communicate with the community, then you have reached the right location. 


It is apparent that the OSS community around the Mirth® Connect project needs more active

participation.  At present, it is being supported by Nextgen (much appreciated) but it desperately needs more active involvement from the community.

With that, if you have ever used or benefited from Mirth® Connect, I would ask that you consider joining the Mirth® Connect User Group(MCUG).  At present, there are thousands of downloads around the globe with countless active users.  We need to organize and begin to consider an MCUG meeting.

We need development, documentation, regular calls, governing committees, etc, etc, etc.  If you are employed by a company that uses OSS Mirth® Connect, we would ask that they strongly consider supporting our group.

*Mirth® is a Registered Trademark of Nextgen Healthcare.  The Mirth®  User Group supports the Mirth®  Connect Open Source Project under MPL 1.1 and is in no way affiliated with or supported by Nextgen Healthcare.  


Mirth®  Connect is released under a proprietary license by Nextgen Healthcare and the Open Source Project Mirth®  Connect is released and licensed under the terms of MPL 1.1. *

"Free as in speech and not as in beer." - Unknown OSS Developer

Our Mission

Our community mission is create an environment that produces a healthy beehive and to help it to thrive. 

The hive will then drive further adoption of Mirth Connect and produce lots of honey for all of our stakeholders

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is the creation of a robust Mirth Connect Community and an environment that will allow the project to grow and have utility throughout the healthcare community.

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