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The Mirth® Connect User Group(MCUG) should be made up of users of the software but we also need contributors.  Our needs are many and it does not require that you have development skills.  At present, we need to develop the "rules of the road" for engagement with Nextgen Healthcare and for development of the protocols needed to request enhancements or to request assistance from the Community to make these enhancements.  Once they are created, we will need to have a process for getting those back to Nextgen for incorporation into a future release.  So, our needs are many to include:

  • Administrative Tasks such as:

    • Incorporation

    • Bylaws

    • Legal and Licensing Issues

    • Obtain Non-Profit Status

  • Development of OSS Methodologies and Group Governance

  • Documentation

  • Membership on the Committees and well...Creation of Committees!

  • QA

  • Website Content Creation

There is more work that we can get done and we need help.  If you work for a company that uses the software, go approach them and request that they support us.  If you are a contractor, your time would be most appreciated.  If you are a company that uses this software, suggest that it is now time to give back.​

Learn About Volunteer Opportunities

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