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Launch Mirth Connect Administrator
   - Ensure the Mirth Connect server is active.
   - Open the Mirth Connect Administrator tool.

   - Provide your login credentials to access the Mirth Administrator portal.

Navigate to the Channels Pane
   - After logging in, you'll land on the dashboard. 
   - Click the `Channels` tab on the left sidebar.

Create New Channel
   - Tap the `New Channel` button located at the top.

Name and Describe Your Channel
   - Navigate to the `Summary` tab.
   - Enter your desired channel name in the "Name" field.
   - Optionally, you can provide a brief description in the "Description" field.

Define LLP Source Connector and Specify TCP Port
   - Move to the `Source` tab.
   - Select "HL7 LLP Listener" for the "Connector Type".
   - Configure the specific settings:
     - **TCP Port**: Enter the desired port number on which Mirth should listen for incoming messages. Make sure the port is not already in use.


Define LLP Destination Connector and Set TCP Port
   - Click on the `Destinations` tab.
   - Press the `Add` button to introduce a new destination.
   - Select "HL7 LLP Sender" for the "Connector Type".
   - Configure the relevant settings:
     - **Remote IP Address**: Specify the IP address of the destination system.
     - **TCP Port**: Enter the port number on the remote system where messages should be sent.


Transformations and Filters (if needed)
   - Set up data transformations or filters if required.
   - Use the `Transformations` section under either the "Source" or "Destinations" tab to modify the incoming message format to your desired output format.
   - Utilize the `Filter` section to determine conditions for processing or dismissing a message.


Deploy Channel
   - Once your channel configuration is finalized, hit the `Save Changes` button at the top.
   - Return to the main "Channels" tab.
   - Highlight your channel and click the `Deploy Channel` button.


Monitor Your Channel
   - After deployment, monitor the status and activity of your channel from the dashboard or within the channels pane.

Always remember to consult the Mirth Connect User Guide or corresponding documentation for your version to get detailed insights on settings and options. Before transitioning to a live environment, ensure your channel is tested thoroughly in a controlled setup to verify its functionality.

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